Le Sentier des Gorgues

Leave the Tourist Office, and take the D74 road towards Sainte-Maxime. At the ruined Chapel of St Pierre, turn right onto a small tarmac road (A) . About 200 metres after the little bridge, turn left. The track passes the sewage treatment works. After the ford of Préconil-les-Gorgues , continue straight along the lane. At the junction, turn left and follow the track. At the next junction, turn right, and continue along the track. Turn right.

A few metres further along on your left is a Menhir , then another, a little further on your right. At the hamlet of Prat-Bourdin turn right. Follow the path , the goatherd’s hut is on your right. You may continue straight on, or pass by to the right hand side of the goatherd’s hut. You now arrive back at the junction where you turn left, and follow the road until you reach the D44 road. Turn right and follow the main road until you reach the hamlet of Préconil. If you remain on the D44 you will return directly to the village.

To continue your walk, follow the arrow and pass through the hamlet of Préconil. Continue straight on, avoiding the hamlet of Les Roubauds by taking the right fork, and follow the tarmac road. At the next fork take the track which goes up on your left. At the junction with the old road leading to the Col de Vignon, leave the track and climb up towards the hamlet of Le Vernet (do not turn directly onto the main road, but follow the small tarmac track). Pass through the hamlet of Le Vernet and then turn right onto the D74 road. Coming down towards the village you will noffice the hamlet of la Forge on your right.

Return to the Tourist Office.

Distance :
2 hours
Durée à pied :
4.72 miles
Durée en vélo :
1 hour
Balisage :
  1. La Chapelle Saint-Pierre
  2. Les Gorgues
  3. Les Menhirs de Prat-Bourdin
  4. Le Hameau de Prat-Bourdin

Itinéraire Le Sentier des Gorgues